3 day residential tutor training workshop

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3 day residential workshop. Half board accommodation extra depending on where you choose to stay.

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Order 3 day residential tutor training workshop 3 day residential tutor training workshop @ £450.00

If you are uncertain that you want to do the full qualifying training, but would like to know more about the Advnaced Level at which Emotional Logic can work, then join the 3 day residential workshop.

On this course you will learn how to use the ‘untangling tools’ when people feel very stuck in life. Emotional Logic can help people to recognise and to step out of the whirlpools of emotion that produce relationship problems, common mental health problems and socially disruptive behaviour. You will practise guiding people into this understanding, and including the lifelong learning methods used to teach Emotional Logic within your existing methods of work.  

Please only pay AFTER you have checked on course availability and location. Half board accommodation is additional to the quoted price, and depends on your choice of where to stay.